2020 That’s RAD! Science Survey

In 2020, Griffith University Undergraduate Capstone student, Kathleena Condon, worked together with Prof Katherine Andrews to carry out an online survey of adults who had engaged with children using That’s RAD! Science books. More than 50 responses were received and some of the feedback is listed below. Additional survey results will be released later in 2020 following data analysis.

Thank you to everyone who participated – we value your feedback!

Selected comments on the question: “Do you think the That’s RAD! Science books are useful in exploring STEM topics with children?

  • My kids were engaged in the topics with constant exclamations of facts they’ve read and the quizzes within the books.
  • There is a good balance between information and experiments and I especially like the scattered test question throughout the books to reaffirm to the child what they have learnt. I also think the illustrations, colors and fonts are bold and attractive for children.
  • Presenting the careers very specifically (as opposed to just ‘scientist’) but with relatable, kid-friendly content was very successful in driving interest. I think most children struggle to understand what grown ups actually ‘do’ in their jobs and I think this was a manageable, bite size and interesting introduction.
  • My 5 year old was so engaged with these books and pleaded with me for us to keep reading the other books (I was only going to read two today but we read all four). After he said he wished we had 10 of those books.
  • My son enjoyed the books so much he read them all one after the other. He wrote some fact sheets to give to myself and his father after reading the books, and brought up things he had read in the books for many weeks after. He has continued to go back to the books almost daily.
  • I love how it’s promoting women in Science, my 5 year old Daughter said “Mummy, I want to be a Scientist but I thought it was only a boy job”

Selected comments on the statement: “Featuring women as role models for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is important.”

  • It gives girls role models and encourages more children to see science as accessible by everyone.
  • I am a Mum to three girls. I want them to know that they can do anything.
  • It inspires young girls and demonstrates that women can enjoy a variety of careers.
  • I am able to relate my work (in a non-female traditional field) to what these ladies are doing. It also prompts a conversation to be had around how a ‘girl can do any job’, they are not gender specific.
  • Girls with a role model more likely to consider STEM careers if they have a role model who inspires them.
  • Normalising women in STEM occupations is great!

Selected comments on the statement: “Do you think the That’s RAD! Science books encourage children to think about career pathways in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)?”

  • With the different career options mentioned throughout the books, my kids were able to hear of new jobs they may be interested in pursuing later in life.
  • By exploring different fields of science I think it probably engages to personal interests of children more. To know that you CAN do a job about the very thing you find the most interesting is so powerful.
  • They didn’t know these careers existed (and neither did I)
  • My son thought the topics they covered were really cool, and he loves science as it is so it’s great to explore new careers he may not have known existed!
  • Advanced and interesting concepts are introduced in engaging and easy to understand ways
  • The books definitely lead to discussions on what jobs in STEM fields would be interesting