My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD!

This book is about the amazing and sometimes weird world of parasites and about the jobs of scientists who study them. Topics include parasites that can be found in poo, head-lice and malaria parasites. The book includes interesting facts, funny cartoons, photos and hands-on activities to do at home or in the classroom.

Author: Katherine Andrews
Editors: Donna Pendergast, Mia O’Brien and Georgina Barton
Cartoons: Brian Doyle
Design: Brittney Azzuri
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781925455526

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Activities for kids:

Click on the image below to find fun parasite-related activities to do at home or in the classroom:

Lab colouring in

Malaria crossword

Mozzie Maze

Parasites in Focus

Parasite Sleuth

Parasite Art

>40 STEM activities

Parasite Quiz

Plasticine parasites


Malaria Cross word Puzzle Answers


Picture Gallery: