Author: Katherine Andrews

Kathy is a Professor of biomedical research at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) at Griffith University. She and her research team are searching for new drug leads for malaria, a disease that kills >1000 people each day. Through her book entitled “My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD!”, Kathy hopes to intrigue children by telling them about cool and creepy parasites and about the jobs of scientists who study them.

Links: Kathy Andrews Griffith Experts Profile, LinkedIn Profile

Editors: Donna Pendergast, Mia O’Brien and Georgina Barton

Donna, Mia (both from the School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University) and Georgina (School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood, University of Southern Queensland) are education professionals with expertise spanning early and middle year’s teacher education, professional practice, literacy, curriculum and education research. As editors of the book entitled “My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD!” the ensured the use of age appropriate language and alignment with the Australian Science Curriculum.

Links: Donna Pendergast Academic Profile

Cartoons: Brian Doyle

Mr Brian Doyle has inspired thousands of children in hundreds of Australian schools though his amazing cartoon creations and ‘Draw for Fun” workshops. Brian’s amazing cartoons in the book “My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD!” are designed to engage children and lead them on a fun journey to find out more about parasites.

Design: BrittneyAzzuri

Brittney designed the style and layout for “My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD!” as part of a Liveworm Bachelor of Design Program project at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.