Book 1 – My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD!

Author: Katherine Andrews

This book is about the amazing and sometimes weird world of parasites and about the jobs of scientists who study them. Topics include parasites that can be found in poo, head-lice and malaria parasites. The book includes interesting facts, funny cartoons, photos and hands-on activities to do at home or in the classroom.

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Book 2 – Our mum is a nanotech scientist. That’s RAD!

Author: Qin Li

In this engaging, fun and educational book, children will learn about the amazing world of nanoparticles and nanotechnology. From medicines to brilliant colours on butterfly wings, nanoparticles are all around us! The book includes examples of how nanotechnology is used, fun experiments and crazy cartoons to inspire the imagination.


Book 3 – Our mum is a forensic scientist. That’s RAD!

Author: Donna Stewart

Imagine all the cool things you could learn if your mum was a police forensic scientist! In this educational and fun book, children will learn how forensic science can be used to gather evidence to help solve crimes. From fingerprints to fabric matching and DNA – the topics in this book are sure to intrigue and inspire kids! The book includes interesting facts, cool cartoons and hands-on science activities.